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Welcome fellow Traveller

To begin navigation set-up your hyperdrive range below and choose or type coords in Start and Destination fields above.

You can also tap-and-hold any location in the dropdown list for 0.9 second to access additional options.

Any typed-in coordinates and other settings will be automatically saved in your browser's cookies.

IMPORTANT INFO: This web-app has been created for the ATLAS RISES iteration. It hasn't been throughly tested in earlier iterations but the navigation should work just fine in all versions from Vanilla to Atlas Rises. Many civilisations shown on the map changed their coordinates in NEXT. Their ruins can be found even in the latest release. Some coords there are from Path Finder but many of them won't exist in earlier versions of the game. Distance calculation won't work correctly in the Path Finder.

The Black Hole roulette WILL NOT WORK correctly in the NEXT iteration and above - it has been only tested in the Atlas Rises but might work in the earlier versions.

Enter your latest black hole warp distance: ly
NOTE: this will work only before NEXT.
Black hole ring is the representation of all possible locations after black hole warp from start position.
The intersection points of the rings are possible locations after black hole warp. If one of them is close to your destination land on a nearby planet to check your galactic coordinates.
(To see both rings you need to enter your latest black hole warp distance above)

Hyperdrive range

Enter the maximum warp distance of your starship or freighter: ly



1. Build a Signal Scanner on a planet
2. Type the code from it into the Start field, eg:
TXET:07FA:0081:0432:033D. Letters at the beginning of the code are not important so GX Map deletes them automatically.
3. Select or type coordinates of your destination.


To access: 1 sec press on a location in the drop-down list.

Video Tutorial

Quick tips on how to use this app

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GX Map was developed by a player and a huge fan of No Man's Sky – Galactic Xplorer (PSN gx_explorer). GX Map was inspired by and partly based on Pilgrim Star Path. Logo design by morgvom_org. Social media cover screenshot by @BAMbam757Gaming. Hope you enjoy it. :o)